A Great Website To Submit Your Mental Health Blogs To

Hey my blogging friends!

I found the website The MightyΒ about a month ago and was instantly hooked! Their motto: “We believe in the power of stories, the strength of communities and the beauty of the human spirit.”

Um, are you obsessed yet? I love them. Their blogs have taught me so much, inspired me, and made me feel like a super hero. If that’s not enough to read them, what is? You basically feel like you are wearing a cape… and capes are the best, am I right?

It’s a great place to submit your mental health blogs to and they give you really interesting ideas/writing prompts for submissions:


You can also follow them on Twitter:


NOW! Don’t get sad if they don’t choose your first submission! They chose my second one! Keep trying and if you don’t get chosen, you can just publish the blog here! πŸ™‚ So you win either way, super hero!

They did an article on a video I made and in a few days it went up 5000 views! It also helped spread the message of the harmful stigma associated with mental illness and the healthcare problems we face. (High five!) Another blog they published of mine was one I wrote from one of their prompts. Their prompts and blogs will give you great ideas and they might even change your life.

So go forth and bloggeth. I just made up the word bloggeth, I think.. Anyway- check them out, support them. What they are doing is WONDERFUL.


28 thoughts on “A Great Website To Submit Your Mental Health Blogs To

      1. You’re welcome. A couple of years ago I was playing bit parts in a movie with various spoofs. In between takes I did some seriously dry humor regarding customer service, tech support and doctors and similar healers. I was prompted to do a gig at Caroline’s and I had to have 10 people come and I did a 12 minute set 3 times and it was good I was told. Deadpan delivery like yours is a gift.

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      2. I have dabbled a little. Acting is like a lot of things, learning, re learning and some just pull it off. I like your response. πŸ™‚ You are very good and the camera likes you which is a key thing.

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