#imnotashamed Campaign On Twitter!

Hey guys!

I started an #imnotashamed campaign on Twitter, where we use the hashtag #imnotashamed and then share why we aren’t ashamed about mental health conditions. The tweets have been SO moving and a few papers have done articles on the campaign, including The Washington Post!  I’d love for any of you to join the campaign! Find my Twitter here.  Here is a video I made to explain the campaign and share some of the awesome reasons people have give for why they are NOT ashamed! I hope you’ll join us!

8 thoughts on “#imnotashamed Campaign On Twitter!

  1. I love this initiative! It’s such an effective and creative way to spread the message about mental illness, especially amongst the youth.


  2. So, I know this is a stupid question, but I was just thinking about you! I was watching Grease Live and there was someone in the audience with pigtails that looked JUST LIKE YOU! I believe it was in New York and I know you live there. You weren’t there by any chance, were you?


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