A message to you on World Suicide Prevention Day 

I know the pain
Is exhausting
A path ahead
seems impossible

But a flashlight
Is on its way
And it’s


You will find
The most beautiful places
wait ahead
for you

You will meet
The kindest hands
To hold you

The kindest hearts that
love you
Exactly as you are

You are so worthy
Of everything grand
That this life
Has to offer

You are beautiful
And perfect

You will trip and fall
But you will also rise

Higher than you
ever thought
Was possible

You are not small
You are not weak

A label or diagnosis
Couldn’t never, EVER
Touch *all that you are.*

Keep fighting
For the peace and care
That you deserve!

You deserve the moon
And the stars
To shine on you

Tell someone
Please, tell someone
Tell us and
We will meet you
With our lanterns

We have been there
We know the darkness
We can help guide you

*You are not alone*

We are all fighting
With you

And for you.
Hang on,



38 thoughts on “A message to you on World Suicide Prevention Day 

      1. I didn’t realize that was a thing. Though I keep hearing about attempted suicides in my community. As a survivor I feel like I should do something. Hard to know when it is too soon though. I love this post and your other junk too. So I put you as a link on my goof around blog. 🙂

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      2. Omg! I’m honored! Super nice to meet you- ya – ugh the billboard- it’s down now but they refused to say anything or apologize! That’s awesome that you want to speak out- yes it has to be right time ! 😍😎 thanks again!


  1. “We will meet you, With our lanterns” If this was the only line that I had a chance to read, then it would still say everything. I’ll admit I was having a bad day but this was like the biggest hug in the universe. Thank you for writing this.

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  2. Beautiful! When someone supports me, and other people like me who struggle every day and have to pretend we don’t just to suit other people who don’t understand or don’t want to understand, it is a beautiful thing and the poem is spot on!

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