People With Depression Are Strong, Not Weak: Here’s my case 

1. You’ve had to struggle. Struggle makes people grow in strength, wisdom and compassion. When we are happy, we can relax. You’ve had to constantly work. You are a better person for that, and incredibly strong because of it.

2. You’ve had to deal with stigma, misconceptions, ignorance, and your well-meaning friend that keeps telling you her cousin Mary cured her depression with yoga. You’ve opened up to someone about your mental illness and they’ve changed the subject because they’re not able to hear it. You’ve had to deal with a lot of total crap and that takes strength.

3. You’ve had to deal with a double standard. Joe Jenkins broken his leg and he’s so brave. Everyone is bringing him flowers, signing his cast, and making him apple pie. You broke your brain and everyone is ignoring you. You are strong, dude.

4. You’ve had to keep showing up. Showing up to waiting rooms and reading magazines from 1996, showing up to tell your story for the millionth time, showing up to groups, therapy, doctors, psychiatrists… It’s strong to show up.

5.You’ve had to carry your intense emotions, other people’s emotions, and perhaps the world on your shoulders as well. You’re empathetic. It’s way easier not to care. You’ve sat with people with mental illness and listened, when others have turned away because they are afraid of vulnerable emotions and real conversations. You care and that takes strength.

6. You’ve had to figure out treatment which can feel like endless trial and error. You can’t just put a cast on your brain. There’s not one magical therapy method or pill. You’ve tried acupuncture, exercise, affirmations, “I feel great… kind of.. errr…” talking about your dog fluffy running away when you were 6, CBT, DBT, and other latest-acronym-therapies.  It takes strength to keep trying to figure out a treatment plan that works.

Those are my ideas for the day! I’d love you hear yours about why people who have mental illness are strong, NOT weak! Thanks for reading!
Xo Rachel


50 thoughts on “People With Depression Are Strong, Not Weak: Here’s my case 

  1. Reblogged this on lovehappinessandpeace and commented:
    In India, People don’t make much of Mental Illness, and they just Ignore those with it. Which is a Sad thing, of course. Also, it is Sad that Today’s India is not like the one of Old, where Concern was a By-Word.

    But I don’t want to write about India. It is about Mental Illness.

    In my opinion, Only a Person who uses his Brain a lot, (even though he might be a Blue collar worker), can have Mental Illness.

    A Newly Bought Racing Car might be ‘Tested’ before entering a race, but one that has run a few times will be Plenty Worn Out! 🙂


      1. Yes! Sorry! I just woke up! Lol!! Was going to respond later… So do you have an iPhone? I actually do the smiley faces and hearts and stuff through the emoji on my iPhone. I’m not sure how to do them on a computer either! Sorry!! Maybe there is an app that works on computer that you can download! Xo

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  2. Rachel,
    First, thanks for following my blog. As you probably now know, I struggle with anxiety. So many people think that those of us who struggle with mental health issues are weak, but in reality, we are quite strong. It may not always seem like it to others and ourselves, but it takes a lot of strength to keep trying to do things when we don’t always feel like we can, to deal with others treating us poorly, and to continue to try to stay positive when dealing with our struggles. Thank you so much for writing this post! It’s a great reminder!

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    1. Your blog is so awesome! I’ve read a few of your posts but I want to go back and read them more tonight!! I also have anxiety, so I’m so glad your blog exists! Thanks so much for your kind words! 🙂 I love your writing, too!

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