Body Image: You are beautiful because of who you are


12 thoughts on “Body Image: You are beautiful because of who you are

  1. I agree completely people love you for who you are not what you look like. Anyone that judges me by my looks alone I don’t think I want to be with them. I am a nice good sweet guy and a nice person that is what is important to me. I don’t dress like a model. I rock my Boston Celtics jerseys and Pro Wrestling shirts. I am overweight with Diabetes. I just be myself and write my stories on my way to 1000 stories. It’s important to be who you want to be and I’ll be and one day I am sure the right girl will see that I am a good guy. Until then I’ll do what makes me happy.

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      1. Haha awesome I am glad you are from New England too. Your welcome. Yea I love The Celtics. Maybe one day I will meet a girl who loves The Celtics as much as me. One of the greatest stories I have ever done was Cinderella told in a unique way as the guy as Cinderella. It had great messages and I was proud I pulled it off. In the story he is laughed at for wearing The Celtics jersey when he meets The Princess at the ball and very cool instead of a glass slipper he leaves a Paul Pierce shoe behind and The Princess takes it to every guy to try on. I might go read that now one story I am very proud of.

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  2. Your video is amazing! I had my 7yr old daughter watch it with me. I’m starting her early, lol. Anyways, thank you for stopping by my blog and for your kind comment. I absolutely love your blog and can’t wait to finish reading all your posts and future ones too. I so needed to hear that! I hate my “body image”. I’m a 27 year old female, I weigh 99 pounds currently, and am about 5’7″. I need to gain instead of lose. I HATE being this skinny! I am just not hungry and have a lot of trouble eating. I’ve only, just recently, realized that one must heal and beautify from the inside out, not the other way around. And I’m thinking, how can my daughter grow to love herself if she always sees me hating myself? It’s impossible and calls for action. You should be a public speaker, as you have a very encouraging attitude! You are the kind of person I would love to have as a friend. Thank you for supporting others! Cheers!!


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