“Did You Forget Your Meds This Morning?” Not funny.

It makes me cringe when I hear someone joke, “Did you forget your meds this morning?” They say it when someone is acting like a total tool, is spacey for one reason or another, or flipping out. First of all, many people with mental illness would love to not take their meds. Taking meds can suck. Figuring out the right medication can be a nightmare. No one wants to have to have a chronic illness they have to treat. But if they didn’t take their meds, they wouldn’t act like a “weirdo” or a tool, or a space cadet. If they missed or stopped their meds, it could be serious. Frankly, it could be a life or death situation. No one jokes about someone missing their heart medication or insulin, and for those who have to take medicine for mental illness, it is the same thing. Joke about it all you want, but know it is a likely possibly the person you are joking to takes meds or has a friend or family member who has to. Be a compassionate person, and lose the phrase.


15 thoughts on ““Did You Forget Your Meds This Morning?” Not funny.

  1. I clicked this title because I DID forget to take my meds this morning. You’re right, it’s no joking matter, but people joke all the time. My mom has a disease similar to MS, and because it’s not visible, people think it doesn’t exist. But it has made her half blind, weak, and tired, and is even life threatening. Sometimes I think my SSRI saves me just as much as her medication saves her. I think people don’t understand how hard we try to keep our diseases invisible so we don’t become the embodiment of them. You’ve got a beautiful blog. Keep on keepin’ on.

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    1. Hahahahah !!! 🙂 aw! That’s funny that you clicked it cause of that! Lol

      Ugh- I cant imagine your mom going through that and on top of everything having people think it doesn’t exist. That breaks my heart! It’s so tough when people can’t “see” it.
      Mental illness is so taboo and stigmatized- no one wants to talk about it and that makes us feel even more isolated and like we should feel shame.
      Thanks so much about my blog! You’re a gem! I’m trying to emerge and say, “I’m not going to be ashamed anymore and deal with your crappy stigma” but it’s a process- right?
      So happy to connect! So much love you and your mama!

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  2. Yea this pisses me off a crappy and negligent dr took me off a med without replacing it leading me to getting very sick and losing a friend. A medication gave me Diabetes. Not funny when you aren’t receiving the right meds you can get real sick and trauma ensues. Medication is key to stability for people with mental illness nothing to joke about like you say no one jokes about people not taking insulin the same way a Diabetic gets sick without insulin we get very sick without our meds. poor taste in humor and twisted.

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  3. This is a great post. Very true and utterly relatable. I know for me, with DID, it’s a struggle to make sure I take not only my psych related meds but also my autoimmune meds. And having issues with taking the autoimmune meds regularly seriously puts my life in danger. Jokes like this don’t help with understand the absolute danger of skipping doses and the fact that it’s not necessarily something that makes a person “quirky”. It’s literally life or death.

    Enjoying getting to know your blog, btw. Love your voice and viewpoint.

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  4. Society often treats mental illness as a joke. You see it on T.V and in movies, the jokes always on the slow guy or the person that might look a little different. People with mental illness come in all shapes and sizes, some might not even know that they have a serious problem. This problem starts at a young age, the bullying and outcasting certain people in the lunch room. Adults (US) need to take a stand and stop the bullying and get kids more involved with eachother instead of putting them behind a T.V Screen or computer. I believe all children should be educated on mental illness and how serious it really is. They need to be taught to accept and interact with all people and not just someone like them. I don’t blame the kids, I blame the parents and educators for not doing more to ensure their children understand and accept all different types of people. That’s my opinion.

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    1. I like the idea that we should start w kids- our education systems should do way more to increase awareness and compassion! It’s so awful what kids go through with bullying— it breaks my heart, so cruel! I agree that we did all diff characters that represent people w mental illness and that is one of the big reasons why I am writing a musical on the topic! Thanks so much for your thoughts!

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